What Is No BS?

Love yourself. Live fully. No excuses. No shame.


Whitney Way Thore has struggled with her body image since childhood. At age 29, after years of living with eating disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, weight fluctuations, self-doubt and depression, she made a life-altering decision: to love and accept herself as she is, to rise above the negativity that society forces upon anyone who is “different,” to live her life to the fullest, regardless of what the scale says, and, most importantly, to dance.

What began as a YouTube video called “A Fat Girl Dancing,” has exploded into a worldwide movement that fights the devastating effects of body shame, and promotes the idea of self-love and acceptance as a step toward total wellness.

With the support of tens of thousands of men and women all over the world, the No Body Shame Campaign has grown into a full-fledged—and long-overdue—movement that recognizes body shame as a complex, multi-faceted issue that is best dealt with by first unapologetically loving yourself as you are, without being shamed out of a gym or off a dance floor. A movement that knows positive change can’t start or be sustained until you are truly kind to yourself from the inside out. A movement that reaches even further – and aims to show that your body doesn’t have to limit you, whether it be deemed “too skinny,” “too fat,” or “too broken.” A movement that asserts that you don’t need society’s permission to seek your joy right now.

Whitney Way Thore

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